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DMS Surveillance ECG continuous heart monitoring technology with 24/7 attended monitoring overage can be utilized in the following diagnostic tests ordered with one Cardiac Monitor.

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Cardiac Outpatient Tests

  • 24 to 48 hrs Holter
  • 3-14 day Extended ECG
  • Up to 30 days Cardiac Event
  • Up to 30 days ROCT – Remote Outpatient Cardiac Telemetry
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Mini 6-Lead Patch Monitor

Patch monitor can be worn up to 30 days for comprehensive Cardiac ECG patient management

  • Continuous real-time 6-lead ECG monitoring with built-in phone transmission module
  • 100% of ECG Data Analyzed in All Reports for accuracy
  • Courtesy concierge patient and staff services
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Reports are generated and delivered a variety of ways including to the supervising physician’s smart phone, tablet and/or computer. At all times the physician has access to full disclosure ECG for any time period.

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DMS Surveillance ECG

DMS/Surveillance ECG devices offer a unique 6-Lead outpatient continuous Cardiac Monitor Patch with built in phone transmission module. Each physicians office receives a dedicated Computer with proprietary software called a receiving center. Our computer algorithms monitor every heartbeat while the patient is wearing the device along with 24/7 attenuating monitoring in compliance with Medicare Guidelines. At the end of study, in a timely manner, the physician is sent a Full Disclosure Report capturing every heartbeat along with a summary conclusion, which the physician can edit and finalize.

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Billing Information for Outpatient Telemetry Test

Medicare 2021-2022 Guideline Compliance for Private Practice
Cardiology and Internal Medicine Physicians

Hardware, Software, and System
Get the Work Done in Your Office

– Medicare defines what your office performs to legitimately order, support, and bill for the ROCT test (CPT 93229 with 93228).
– Your Hardware, Software, and System were designed specifically to meet and be compliant with the published Medicare data.
– Just do it the way Medicare wants it done.

Order, Support, Interpret & Bill
Per Medicare Published Guidelines

– Only ORDER tests for patients with Indications and Symptoms per Medicare publications.
– Interpret from Cloud created by your “same building” computer that is as quick and easy as a “doc-u-sign” document, and is done from your remote computer or mobile phone.
– Upon your auto digital protected signature, data is auto-sent to billing correctly for quick processing and collection.

Federal Register References:
42 CFR, Section 410.32 Diagnostic x-ray test, diagnostic laboratory tests, and other diagnostic tests

Medicare Coverage Guidance
Coverage indications, Limitations, and/or Medical Necessity

“Real time, outpatient cardiac telemetry involves the use of an automatically activated system that requires no patient intervention to either capture or transmit a dysrhythmia when it occurs. The purpose of this service is for real-time, continuous, long term (>24 hours) cardiac surveillance of patients in order to identify and document a suspected and/or paroxysmal dysrhythmia. The term “real-time” is this Local Coverage Determination (LCD) is defined as the immediate transmission of the patient’s cardiac activity to a receiving center (as defined below) which converts this electronic transmission into a visible image that is constantly and continuously displayed on a monitor in the receiving center so that qualified personnel ( as defined below) located in the receiving center can provide immediate and accurate surveillance of the patient’s cardiac activity. The device utilizes technology that allows for the electronic transmission of the electrocardiogram (ECG) waveform in real time to the receiving center. A receiving center is a facility, such as a physician’s office.”


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